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Demossing Your Trees in Sarasota, FL

Ball Moss Removal Sarasota, FL

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At Sarasota Tree Service Pros, we are happy to service as your expert team for all things involving ball moss removal. Before moving forward with the removal process, it's important to gain a better understanding of what this moss really is. Known for being an “epiphyte,” it is a plant that grows of the surface of other things but causes the other plant no harm. If you find that you have ball moss on your trees, don't panic. This in no way indicates that your tree is unhealthy. Unlike other parasitic diseases, the only way that this moss causes harm to your trees is by straining its weight throughout the branches. When it soaks up water, it becomes heavy, therefore causing tree limbs to work extra hard to support it. Unfortunately, many trees are not strong enough to support the full weight of ball moss when it is damp, so it causes the effected limbs to die.

It’s important to understand that ball moss thrives in shady, damp environments. So it’s to be expected that branches that are lower down on a tree and out of natural sunlight are more prone to be infected. Often times you may even find lower level branches that are dead or dying even despite the fact that they are free of ball moss. In these cases, the odds are increased for the tree to be taken over by the moss. Without removal, the tree in its entirety will live but the branches will continue to die off—therefore weakening the overall structure of the tree.

In Sarasota, Florida, we are used to living by the water. Just like humans, plants and animals have also adapted to this environment—and ball moss is no exception. Generally found near bodies of water, the moss is spread throughout the air by its seeds. Unfortunately, removal will not stop its spread, but it will slow down its expansion moving forward. In terms of how removal is completed, the most effective techniques include a combination of manual pulling and a chemical spray.

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Removing Ball Moss from Your Trees

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As mentioned, to truly combat ball moss, a combination of tactics are employed. Our team will prune the infected trees branches, pick off the moss by hand, and spray down the entire tree with a chemical mixture. For the most effective results, our team will use copper-based fungicide treatments. Just with simple pruning alone, we will be able to remove a majority of the affected areas of the tree. Then, we’ll set up a regular pruning schedule to ensure that ball moss does not overwhelm the tree again in the future. What can’t be trimmed off, our staff will remove by hand, which will help to reduce the weight on the remaining branches. Finally, the last technique to apply is the chemical spray.

Depending on the severity of the affected tree, other necessary steps may need to be taken to complete ball moss removal successfully. To fight this growing issue, contact our team today to set up a consultation.

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