Best Time for Tree Trimming

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Best Time for Tree Trimming

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Here at Sarasota Tree Service Pros, we’re committed to making sure our customers are well informed about tree care and the proper techniques for success. One question we get asked frequently is “When is the best time to trim trees?” While trimming can technically be done in any season, you’ll find that different species of trees respond differently to trimming during dormant cycles versus growth cycles. For optimal success, it’s important to first identify the type of tree you are dealing with and what you are hoping to achieve through trimming. This allows you to create a plan of action that takes into account the problem you are trying to address and the needs of the specific tree species you are working with.

Let’s begin with winter pruning. Trees are not in an active growth period during the winter, so it’s no surprise that it’s a popular season for trimming. The lack of leaves on most trees during the winter is a big plus as it allows for easy identification of potential growth problems such as crossing branches. Of course, here in Florida we have fairly mild winters so you may find that your trees don’t completely lose all of their foliage during the cold season. While all trees (regardless of species) can be trimmed during the winter, newly pruned trees are more susceptible to damage during extreme cold snaps. To encourage new spring growth, it’s best to trim your trees after the coldest days of the winter season have passed. Give the Pros a call today to schedule.

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When to Prune Your Trees in Sarasota, FL

best time for tree trimming

Spring is another great time for successful trimming of most tree species. As with the winter, problematic growth issues are more obvious during the early spring, before full leaf growth has occurred. As the sap continues to rise throughout the season, you’ll be able to easily identify dead branches that need to be removed, since leaves and flowers won’t grow on those branches. Trimming in the early spring is also a great way to encourage the growth of more buds for those trees that don’t flower until the warmer summer season.

Full leaf coverage during the summer months can present a bit of challenge when it comes to clearly identifying branches that need attention. However, if you notice some branches sagging more than others during the summer, it’s best to go ahead and proactively remove them. Healthy tree branches should have no problem holding up under the weight of full leaf coverage. Additionally, early summer trimming of spring-flowering trees can encourage the growth of additional flower buds, as long as the pruning is done just as the spring flowers are fading away. Some of the tree species that respond best to summer trimming are: Dogwoods, Birches, Walnuts, Maples, and Elms.

For our clients here in Sarasota, you should avoid trimming trees during the fall as they are most vulnerable during these months. Most trees are beginning to go into a dormant state, which means that cuts will take significantly longer to heal. The slowed down healing process also leaves your trees more susceptible to fungal diseases that spread through the release of spores when a nearby infected tree is cut. Regardless of the season, it’s important to remember that if a tree has branches that are presenting some sort safety issue or threat, it’s best to remove them immediately in order to prevent possible damage or injury down the road.

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