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Sarasota Tree Service Pros is a family owned serving residents and business owners in Sarasota, FL for all their tree trimming, tree removal, tree pruning, land clearing and ball moss removal needs. As much as we care of trees, we care more about our customers. We are proud to be a full tree service company, with abilities to trim trees, complete removals of large trees or stumps, and employ certified arborists who care for diseased trees. Our goal is to leave your property better than we found it, with improvements made to its appearance, its overall well-being, and its value. Big or small, we’re up for the challenge on any size project.

With years of experience in the industry, it is truly our employees who embody what it means to be an expert tree service in Florida. We believe we stand out from our competitors simply based on our commitment to customer service and guaranteed delivery of a high quality service.

As a team, we truly believe that without trees, our world would be a much less beautiful place—and that’s why we are dedicated to providing the best tree care you can find for both residents and business owners. Florida is lush in greenery and our weather keeps us in the sunshine year-round. While trees thrive on sunlight, they also need additional care to survive and thrive. And that’s where we come in. Whether your landscape is newly planted or you have decades old trees lining your yard, we are ready and willing to care for it all. To learn more about each one of our individual services or receive a no-obligation free quote for services, contact our staff today. We’ll be waiting for your call and we are excited to get your started with your very own customized tree care plan for your Sarasota property.

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One of our most popular services that we offer is tree removal, which is one the most dangerous parts of the industry. To be successful at complete removals, you need to be prepared in every aspect of the word—both with your knowledge and with your tools. Luckily, our experts pride ourselves in having both. In general, removal is always our last resort, as we always encourage the maintenance and care for dying trees before giving up completely; however, we do understand that there are some situations where tree removal may be unavoidable.

In addition to removals, we employ certified arborists on staff who act as the ultimate knowledge base for all tree species that we encounter on a daily basis. Our certified arborists also perform disease diagnosis and have the ability to treat specific common tree diseases in our area. While we never like to come across a sick tree, diseases are ultimately unavoidable; however, having an expert arborist on staff does help in our ability to be proactive combating infections.

In the end, if you have a feeling that something is not quite right with your tree, or if you’d like to double check to ensure your tree is healthy, contact our team. We would be able to set up a consultation at your property to analyze the current condition of your trees and determine if any additional care needs to be performed.

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