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Tree Service Kensington Park, FL

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At Sarasota Tree Service Pros, our team has been in the tree care industry for many years. We have become experts at tree trimming, pruning, removal, land clearing and emergency tree services in Kensington Park, FL. Many don’t realize the true value of trees—both an aesthetic value and monetary value. Just one single tree can help to boost your curb appeal, which in turn increase your property value. There are also addition benefits to having trees near your home, including increased safety and security and the potential to save money on your energy bills. While we all like to focus on how trees can help us boost our property value and save us money, the truth is, many of us just love trees because of their natural beauty. They can texture to our scenery and they’re often at the center of our favorite childhood memories—like climbing a tree or building a tree house.

When dealing with the largest of trees, you should always call on our certified arborists to take a look. Large trees, while massive in size, are also good at masking problems, such as diseases or weak branches. It not common that we think of a huge tree as being weak, but if that cared for properly, that can often be the case. When that occurs, it puts everyone on the property at risk, including personal property like homes or cars. When a big tree falls, it tends to make quite a scene. Our team likes to do everything in our power to prevent big trees from falling—unless that is, we are removing the tree purposely. Whether a tree is big or small, regular maintenance is always crucial. If you’d like to set up an annual care plan with our team to treat your property in Sarasota, FL, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and address any possible concerns.

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tree service kensington park fl

No matter what species of trees are on your property, they are all vulnerable to potential sickness and common diseases. Many diseases, like ball moss and Spanish moss, happen naturally based on the environment. Others are caused my insects and many are simply fungal based. Inspecting your trees on a regular basis can help to prevent and proactively fight these illnesses. It’s also important that you consult one of our certified arborists to find out what specific diseases your trees many be more susceptible to contract. While it can depend a lot on location and environment, weather and seasonality also plays a factor. Additionally, some species of trees are more likely to be diagnosed with certain diseases than others. With years of study under their belts, our arborists can help navigate you through this confusing and often frustrating aspect of tree care. Not to mention, if they do discover they one of your trees is currently ill, they can comprise a game plan to nurse the tree back to good health.

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