Licensed and Insured Tree Service

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Licensed and Insured Tree Service

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Tree removal can be hazardous so it’s crucial to hire a team that is trained, licensed, and insured appropriately. Sarasota Tree Service Pros is a fully insured tree service provider serving the Sarasota, Fl area. Whether you’re a business owner, city administrator, or private homeowner, dying and dead trees on your property require immediate attention and removal. Hiring knowledgeable tree service professionals is key to keeping your trees healthy, safe, and beautiful.

While searching for a tree company to work with, you may think that a large national firm is best, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Local experts like ours come with priceless benefits that the big boys aren’t able to offer. One major benefit is that you can contact our team anytime you want, as we pride ourselves on building good strong relationships with our customers. It’s important to ask lots of questions when interviewing potential tree service companies, as some larger providers will try to sneak in hidden fees for things like diagnosing the problem your trees are having. You’ll often find that working with the same local company on an ongoing basis will save you money over time.

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Our Arborists are Insured

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As an insured provider of tree services, we understand the importance of regular trimming and pruning. In order to protect your trees from disease and keep them healthy, it’s best to thin them during the winter season. Winter thinning also gives the tree that ability to begin sealing the cut at the start of the growing season, decreasing the sap flow and allowing for a maximum amount of time for healing. Some common mistakes we see with trimming are tearing and ripping of bark, leaving branch stubs, and branches that are cut all the way flush to the tree trunk. These can cause interior tree rot and are leave you with an unsafe tree that is expensive to remove down the road.

At Sarasota Tree Service Pros, we train our staff on best practices to not only keep trees healthy and safe but looking good as well. When you hire one of our certified arborists, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that they can help you proactively remove any branches that have issues and identify others that could be a hazard in the future.

DIY tree pruning is not only dangerous for you, but potentially harmful for your tree as well. Tree pruning by a certified arborist allows you to stay safe while also keeping your trees healthy and pretty. Having healthy trees on your property can increase value and pruning by an expert can provide you with more sunlight in your yard and beautiful crowns on your trees. However, unhealthy and improperly cared for trees can end up costing you a fortune. Property owners are legally obligated to monitor and maintain trees on for potential issues and defects that could cause harm to others. This is known as “duty of care” and applies not only to private landowners but also trees on public properties owned by municipalities.

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