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Sarasota Tree Service Pros provides free estimates for commercial and residential customers in the Sarasota, Fl area. Our services include tree trimming and pruning, tree and Spanish moss removal, land clearing, and emergency services.

We all love the warm summer days here in Florida, perfect for hanging out and enjoying the beautiful sunny weather with friends. But for trees and plants, the summer season often means extreme stress from dry, drought-like conditions. It’s crucial for your trees to receive adequate care and service during those dry, hot months, not just to keep them pretty but for health reasons as well.

Drought doesn’t just affect the immediate appearance of a tree; damage from heat and lack of water can cause long term damage that lasts for months. One obvious way to tell if a tree is impacted by drought is by paying attention to the leaves. You may notice wilted leaves or leaves with rolled edges on deciduous shade trees. You might also find that their leaves are smaller than usual or falling from the tree earlier than they normally would. In conifer trees, like spruces or pines, brown and yellow needles during the summer are often a sign of drought damage. Drought-weakened trees are also highly susceptible to pest infestation.

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While the amount of water needed will vary depending on each individual tree’s size and age, it’s important to remember to water your trees every 7-10 days (anytime between dusk and dawn) during periods of drought. Mature trees don’t need to be watered quite as often as younger trees, but during a drought you may find that they need more frequent attention to keep their moisture content consistent. When watering trees, be sure to cover the entire area underneath the tree canopy. This will ensure that the sprawling root systems are able to absorb moisture as well, and not just the area around the base of the trunk. There are some species of coniferous trees that require watering outside of the canopy area, so be sure to find out what your specific type of tree needs in order to proactively combat drought damage.

While summer pruning isn't always optimal, there are some species of trees that respond best to trimming during the hot season. Summertime pruning of elm, maple, and walnut trees, for example, will help avoid the excessive sapping that typically follows a trim in the early spring or late winter. This is also an excellent time of year to give special attention to maintaining the shape of your evergreen trees. However, be sure to avoid pruning oak and dogwood trees during the summer as they are more susceptible to infection during these months. It’s also important to remember that the extreme heat can be stressful on your entire lawn, and not just your trees. Ongoing monitoring of the type of nutrients your plants are receiving will help you best determine what fertilizer you should apply during the summer.

If you need help with a plan of action for your year-round tree care, our team here at Sarasota Tree Service Pros are here and happy to help. Give us a call today to set up your free consultation appointment with our knowledgeable staff. We’ll come out and examine your property and trees and provide you with a free service estimate based on your needs. Let us help you be sure you are providing your trees with the care they need in order to extend their life as long as possible.

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