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Tree Service Siesta Key, FL

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If you're searching for the best tree service professionals in Siesta Key, FL, you've come to the right place. Sarasota Tree Service Pros is pleased to offer tree trimming pruning, removals, certified arborist care, and emergency services for both residential and commercial customers. If you’re curious about the benefits of professional tree service, then the best place to start your research is with simple tree pruning. Although it may seem basic, the benefits stretch across multiple facets of the tree, including visual appearance, overall well-being, and shape and structure. After having your trees pruned multiple times throughout the year, you will be able to see obvious changes.

In addition to tree trimming, our removal and land clearing services also provide great opportunities for homeowners and commercial property owners in Sarasota. Consider this: thinking about investing in a new in ground pool for your backyard? Or, maybe you’re interested in installing a small putting green to practice your short game? Does your restaurant need a new patio outback? Or maybe you want a new outdoor lunch area for your employees. Whatever your dream, our land clearing and tree removal services can clear the way to make it happen. We’ll transform your current space into a blank canvas for new use.

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There is a term we use in tree care called “deadwood.” This is basically the industry name for decaying limbs, which can signal that the tree itself is beginning to die. For the most part, this is just as harmful as loose, weaken branches. They have the potential to fall at any moment and damage either people, animals or personal property. In addition to deadwood, another scene that a tree needs some care and attention is if it is overgrown or excessively green. When the branches become so thick you cannot see into the trunk, that’s a good signal that pruning should be scheduled.

While trees flourish in direct, natural sunlight, they also need other elements to survive, such as water, oxygen, and nutrients from the ground. Since we are unable to control the sun, it’s important that we ensure that our trees are getting enough water and nutrients to survive. Watering is often easy—thanks to the rain—but the surrounding soil near the tree in its roots also make an impact. It’s easy to forget that it is the roots that actually keep a tree strengthened and attached to the ground. When our arborists go to examine a property, they will first look at the branches, limbs and trunk, and finish off their inspection with the roots.

In the end, each part of a tree plays a key role in its existence. That’s why it’s so important that homeowners and business owners devote some of their time and money into caring for their trees and maintaining their well being. With just a little bit of love, trees are able to thrive for decades upon decades. For more information on how to appropriately care for your trees, contact our team today.

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