Spanish Moss Removal

Demossing and Spanish moss removal in Sarasota, FL

Spanish Moss Removal Sarasota, FL

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At Sarasota Tree Service Pros, we have many years of experience dealing with Spanish moss removal in Sarasota, FL. There are two main types of tree mosses that we treat for removal: ball moss and Spanish moss. For Spanish moss in particular, We offer a single application treatment that is effective for this kind of moss. Luckily, this moss is not parasitic and it does not directly impact the tree; however, that doesn’t mean it does not cause damages. To successfully treat this moss, it's important to understand it's history and origin. It’s been estimated that hurricanes have helped to spread it across the state, due to the fact that it is considered an “epiphypte” and spreads throughout the air. Also, there is a high likelihood that dust in the air supplies some of its nourishment. This moss has the ability to absorb quantities of moisture from the air.

For many, Spanish moss is not something that they want removed, because many consider it to be beautiful and to add character. For many others, it is an annoyance that causes potential harm to their landscape. Regardless of what side of the spectrum you fall, our team is here to help come up with a care plan. That plan may be to leave it be and monitor its condition on a regular basis to ensure that the tree is not being devastated. Or, that plan may be to begin removal immediately.

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Spray, Prune and Remove Spanish Moss

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After working in this business of many years, we’ve most often seen that customer decide that they do not want to remove Spanish moss from their trees; however, there are cases where that decision varies. This kind of moss is at its strongest when it attaches to a tree that is already dead or dying. In those cases, its effects are powerful and removal is not only an option but it is necessary. Once it’s been decided that removal is needed, our team will then determine if we will complete the removal by hand or using a chemical treatment. Generally, removal by hand is favored to limit the amount of chemical exposure to the tree and its surroundings. Unfortunately, removing this moss manually is quite a process but it is effective. Our team can remove this moss by picking, pruning and spraying—we always recommend a combination of the three. This recommendation is based on the fact that each method along won't provide adequate control, but working together they can provide the best method for treatment and removal.

It’s not always easy to determine whether or not you have this moss on your trees and throughout your property. Typically you can find this Spanish moss on live oak and pines in nearby proximity to estuaries, swamps, rivers and along the coast. As mentioned, to care for it, it must be thinned—regardless of its location. If you’d like to learn more about the different kinds of treatments or how to spot Spanish moss on your property, contact our team today.

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