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Working with our professionals at Sarasota Tree Service Pros, you can count on us for all your tree needs—both residential and commercial—in Sarasota, FL. Pruning is important for many safety reasons and many aesthetic reasons, but of course, safety always outweighs the need for beauty. One of the most obvious reasons for pruning is to eliminate the possibility of falling branches on your property. It’s natural that many trees will have limbs die throughout there lifetime. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that their overall health is in danger. Instead, this means that a little extra care and maintenance should be done to correct the current issues.

Unfortunately there is a preconceived notion surrounding tree pruning and trimming that it can be completed as a simple do-it-yourself task throughout the year. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. This type of service requires a trained professional in order to successfully complete the job and ensure that the tree is safe in the process. Improper pruning can actually lead to bigger damages in the long run that can often be more costly than initial trimming. So, before you go attempt this task yourself, contact our staff. We will walk you through our entire trimming process and hoping help you to learn what’s really involved. Not to mention, trimming can often be dangerous. Using heavy cutting tools or power equipment is never something we recommend for anyone unless you have the appropriate training and experience.

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When it comes to young trees, it's important to understand that they grow next to other trees in the forest that competing for light. With that in mind, now think about pruning. Although it may seem like a small task that doesn’t make much impact, it can actually make a huge difference in the life of both young trees and old trees. As we’ve discussed, it not only helps the appearance of your trees but it also makes them stronger.

Based on common knowledge, most property owners understand that trees need sunlight and water to survive; however, not all property owners are aware that they also need plenty of room to grow and routine maintenance completed to ensure their well-being. Our team has worked with trees in a variety of locations and circumstances. Some were located in open areas with guaranteed sunlight, while others were tucked away and fighting continuous shade. Location and conditions aside, our staff has been able to successfully care for trees regardless of the circumstances.

Without a doubt, pruning is one of the most frequent services we provide for our customers. After years in the industry, our team has seen every situation you can image. We have also gained knowledge on how to treat every local tree species in our area. While many believe that all trees need the same type of care and attention, the truth of the matter is that trees—just like humans—are all different. To successfully care for your trees, you must factor in their individual care needs.

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